Why WWE Buying TNA would Suck

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The hot topic in the world of wrestling currently is the potential sale of TNA. If you have been paying attention Billy Corgan has been doing a lot of interviews and the rumors have been flying all over the place. According to a few prominent wrestling journalists the company does not have the money to put on its annual Bound For Glory PPV which is akin to Wrestlemania over there.

Now any of you who listen to the Ring Time Podcast know I can be very critical of TNA. That being said I don’t want the company to go away. The wrestling business needs that little engine that could in Impact Wrestling. That is why the WWE buying the company would be a horrible thing. Why do you ask would this be so horrible?

Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle

The WWE would not run this as an independent brand, they would shutdown the company and absorb the tape library for WWE Network content. Now don’t get me wrong there would be some positive benefits as they would be able to put together the definitive AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe DVDs. That being said they could do that by just paying for the licensing and stop acting like this company doesn’t exist.

TNA is doing some interesting things creatively and has been a place where former WWE talents like Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter have developed and began to flourish. This is a place that the company could mine for talent as it develops on someone else’s dime. They currently have Austin Aries, Robert Roode and Eric Young in their system after they spent years refining their craft in TNA. If they buy the company now I am sure they would take on some of the current contracts and send the rest of the men and women packing.

This would leave Ring of Honor as the only other major US option for wrestling talent who want to perfect their crafts. Also let me be clear that I am against SinClair Broadcasting purchasing TNA too because I think they would lead them to a similar fate. Whenever the amount of companies decreases in any business it’s bad for the marketplace. What it is saying that there may not be as money in this endeavor as once thought. This affects the television contracts, ad rates and ability to move merchandise. Hopefully the WWE doesn’t get too far with this and Corgan or some independent entity who loves wrestling will get the deal done and save this company.

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