Bring Back the TV Time Limit

Sting vs Flair

As the WWE is embarking on a new era they may want to reach back in the past and use an oldie but goodie plot device. It’s time to bring back the classic time limit draw. We have a lot matches that there is struggle to find a finish for especially on RAW and SmackDown and just pushing it to the time limit would help out.

A lot world title matches in the territories ended in time limit draws as the world champ couldn’t take a loss but the local territory star can still leave looking good. You can have an up and coming star who pushes a legend to the limit but the OG doesn’t have to eat that loss. It is not tht hard to implement. Starting before every match announce that it’s for 1 fall as per usual with a 15-minute time limit. You can adjust those times depending on the level of the match.

Now the WWE will have the resist the urge to do what they do sometimes and overuse this new toy. It can’t be the result of every RAW but we do all know that show has a time limit and if a match goes too far it has to stop. Which of course can set up another match with no time limit as a stipulation. Hopefully soon we will see our time limits comeback.

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Keith B. Holt
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