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Resurrection of Jake The Snake

The Resurrection of Jake The Snake takes a look at the WWE Hall of Famer’s Jake Roberts road to sobriety. One of the 1980’s most dynamic superstars who helped build the modern WWF(E) has had a very public substance abuse battle. If you have seen the wrestling documentary “Beyond The Mat” you are well aware of some of the issues that Roberts has had over the years.

Jake The Snake and DDP

With Roberts being in a bad place it’s going to take a lot to get him on the straight and narrow. Enter Diamond Dallas Page aka DDP, who has taken it as personal mission to help his longtime friend in his quest for sobriety. Through Page’s DDP Yoga program, Jake will take a journey that will involve him changing his entire lifestyle. This might be the biggest challenge that the former WCW World Champion has ever had.

Page moved Jake from Texas to his house in Smyrna, GA and is now dubbed the “accountability crib” where he can keep a watchful eye on his former mentor. Fortunately for us it is all being documented by Page’s film crew that created this wonderful documentary.

Now the story isn’t one that runs smoothly all the time and wraps up in a neat little bow. There are bumps and bruises along the way and you get a real in depth look at hold addiction can have on a person. The movie does give you an understanding of what you can accomplish if you are truly dedicated to changing your life. There numerous cameos from different wrestling superstars who all share their stories of Jake and also give insight to how the business can contribute to a life of substance abuse.
If you are familiar with Jake’s story and seen Beyond the Mat or the WWE produced documentary on his life this one will definitely leave you in a better place. The movie doesn’t leave you in the dark if you are not acquainted with Jake’s tale of a rough upbringing as the son of a pro wrestler. We get to meet three of his children and examine the power of those relationships also.

The movie also brings in Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon who comes to live in the house to deal with his own issues. The old friends will all depend on each other for support as they try to move forward with their lives. This movie is currently available on Netflix so it shouldn’t cost a lot of you anything. Well worth the watch if you are an old school wrestling fan it’s a must see.

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