Countdown – Movie Review


Director: John Stockwell
Writers: Michael Finch, Richard Wenk
Starring: Nick Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler), Glenn Jacobs (Kane), Katherine Isabelle, Michael Kopsa, Josh Blacker
Studio: WWE Studios and Liongate

In this action-packed WWE produced film, Detective Ray Fitzpatrick (Ziggler) is an emotionally driven detective still grieving the loss of his son. Having been through 6 partners in 2 years, it is the decision of Lt. Cronin (Kane) and Internal Affairs Agent Julia Baker to send him on suspension. Before he leaves headquarters, Fitzpatrick receives a package, which later turns out to be a video of a Russian madman who has stripped a boy with explosives and is demanding $2 million ransom delivered by Fitzpatrick.

Lt. Cronin sets up a drop with the suspended detective only for it to go terribly. Fitzpatrick eventually shots the madman before he presses the button to kill the boy, also killing the only person that knows where the boy is located. The bomb is timed, and with 6 hours and 42 minutes left on the timer, Ray Fitzpatrick decides to ignore all the rules and do whatever it takes to save the boy. Agent Baker, unable to stop the detective in his tracks, sides with him and helps him every step of the way, including helping him from being killed by some of the enemies he has made along the way and away from police headquarters.

With enough action for action seekers and cameos from other WWE Superstars, Countdown is definitely a movie with good acting and butt kicking.

Countdown gets a US Title
Cena US Title

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