WWE Network Gets Old School

Smoky Mountain Wrestling

With the holidays upon us you may have some spare time to watch some wrestling. Just in case you didn’t know the WWE Network has stocked up their vault with some good classic wrestling television. There are now weekly shows from old school promotions such as Stampede Wrestling, Smokey Mountain and Global Wrestling Federation. This is an awesome chance to see young guys who were just developing their craft that went on to be legends.

Vince McMahon’s purchase of the tape libraries to a lot of these old territories is starting to pay off. The WWE serves as the gatekeeper to the history or modern professional wrestling. Hopefully the company sees that fans are interested in this content and load up even more classic episodes of the wrestling that a lot of fans were introduced to at an early age.

The most complete set of show are the World Championship Wrestling shows from the NWA in the mid 80 where you can follow along and watch week to week and pull up the pay per views on the network to round out those stories from the mid-1980s. The Four Horsemen and Dusty dominate these shows where the promos are hot and there is lots of in ring action.

One of the special gems you will find in this collection is an episode of Mid-South Wrestling with a main event of Butch Reed versus the Junkyard Dog with special guest referee Dusty Rhodes. Magnum TA and Nikolai Volkolf are also featured in this show as everyone is vying for the North America title belt. Also in the Mid-South catalog there is match featuring a green Shawn Michaels taking on Jake the Snake Roberts. Because television did not overlap back in these days this maybe the first time some people will ever see such match ups. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

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