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The WWE Network has launched a few new programs this year. The standout to me right now is Table for 3. This is a discussion between 3 superstars or former talents that sit down for a meal and some good wrestling talk. Not since the Legends of Wrestling series have fans really gotten to take a behind the scenes look into the minds of those who perform for us every week.

So far the ones that stood out to me are The New Day breaking down their careers and how they came together and understanding how they are real friends. My second favorite is centered on the IC title with Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Ryback. These guys don’t hold back as they discuss how they felt about winning the belt and even their ideas for how to manage the presentation of the title.
Then there is legendary first table for 3 that features 3 hall of famers. The late great Roddy Piper, Mean Gene and Paul Orndorff tell stories from back in the day. This maybe one of the last times Piper ever recorded anything for anybody. It will be exciting what keeps getting added each week.

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