Diva Revolution Fall Off

Divas Revolution

When Stephanie McMahon kicked off what is being called the Diva’s Revolution there were high hopes that the company was going to give women’s wrestling a legit shot. Bringing up Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch to the main roster was great because fans of NXT truly felt that their presentation of women in the ring was much better than the brand that RAW and SmackDown were offering. The revolution that we thought would be televised has seemed to have lost its way.

Natty Niedhart

What was a promising start has turned into what a lot of angles have in wrestling today. We just see the same thing over and over again each week. Some variation of the teams of 3 going against each other. They took 9 ladies and still found a way to not mix it up. They have also left the other ladies in the division on the outside looking in which doesn’t really help develop anybody. One of the glaring ladies missing from this new movement is Natalya Niedhart.

With the ladies from NXT on the main show now the idea was maybe that brand of wrestling would also find its way to television. When the wrestling gets real you can’t leave Natty out, I mean she has been one of the best in ring performers in the company for a long time. She is a on the Total Divas show that they are trying so hard to sell so it should be a no brainer that she would be a part of these matches. Her taking Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch would be new for the fans to see and also help break up and keep from repeating the same matches over and over again.

One thing this revolution could use is the infusion of tag team titles to the division. Split up these trios and except for Team Bella where Alicia can be Brie’s partner and set up a tournament. The company has 5 hours of television programming every week along shows like Superstars to get this over. Use SmackDown to concentrate on making this work as opposed to filling the show worse versions of matches we saw on RAW 3 days ago. The revolution is not dead but it could definitely use some new life.

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