Will We See the New Dudleyz in WWE

Dudley Boyz

Just in case you took this week off wrestling on Monday Night the Dudley Boyz made their WWE return. One of the greatest tag teams in the history of the sport are here to have a late game run in the world’s biggest company. Unlike older tag teams like the New Aged Outlaws the boys from Dudleyville have been active keeping their skills sharp. They will be a welcomed addition to a fledging tag team division that has a lot of young potential.

The return was the Dudleys that the WWE Universe is used to but I am in that minority who is a familiar with another version of Bubba Ray and Devon. Over in a far off land where only about 1 million watched every week these two men had changed their characters. This is especially true for Bubba who was then known as Bully Ray. A tough rough bully from New York who made his own rules.

Team 3D

Now understand I know what the WWE is doing. They feel like their 3 million viewers every week will be more familiar with this team from the Attitude Era where 5 million people tuned in every Monday. That is great for the initial relaunch but after we get used to the future Hall of Famers being home it’s time to let them loose. The question is will the PG ultra conservative WWE be willing to have bully walking around?

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