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The world of professional wrestling loves to bring in celebrities from the world of sports, film and music to add a little star power to the show sometimes. It’s now official that Stephen Amell star of the CW’s Arrow will be a part of SummerSlam. Amell will team with the high flying Neville to take on Wade Barrett and Stardust. Neville and Stardust have been dueling in their own comic book themed feud and this will add a little more spice to their issue.

So we at Ring Time decided to do a special YouTube Chronicles of some of our favorite celebrities mixing it up in the world of pro wrestling. Whether it was a skilled athlete or one of the top rappers or actors out there is always nice from time to time if done right to see various forms of entertainment collide in the squared circle.

Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather – Wrestlemania 24
When the biggest pay per view attraction in world shows up at the most famous pay per view event magic is sure to happen. Floyd Mayweather has always been able to draw a crowd and at Wrestlemania 24 his match against the Big Show got worldwide attention. Being a legitimate athlete in a combat sport, Mayweather wasn’t your traditional typical celebrity guest wrestler. Relive what happens when the World’s Largest Athlete faces off against the best pound for pound boxer.

The Battle of The Billionaires- Wrestlemania 23
This match doesn’t have the celebrity actually in the match but he is very involved. Before he was leading Presidential candidate Donald Trump he was just the star of The Apprentice and a real estate mogul. He and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon engage in a Battle of The Billionaires at Wrestlemania 23. Now I know that both of the men can fall under the billionaire mark sometimes but let’s not let that ruin the fun. The two men are in advanced age so of course they pick representatives to fight for them. Take time to watch wrestling’s ultimate proxy war between monster egos.

Dennis Rodman vs Curt Hennig- I-Genertation Superstars of Wrestling
Couldn’t find the match up with Karl Malone and DDP versus Hogan and Rodman but in the search I came up on the gem of Dennis Rodman versus Curt Hennig. The I-Generation World Title is on the line. Yes Rodzilla actually is doing the whole match on his own with no help from the NWO or Hollywood Hogan. A guy who is no stranger to the squared circle seems like he actually was trying a second career here.

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