ROH finds a Destination

ROH to Destination America

The television landscape of professional wrestling just got a little more interesting. With this week’s announcement that Ring of Honor will now air on Destination America has fans excited and also speculating on how the situation will work. The network is already the broadcast home of Impact Wrestling. So the question is one channel big enough for two wrestling shows?

As of right now the shows will be on the same night on Destination America and ROH will serve as the lead in for TNA. This is going to either work out really well for TNA or really bad for the company. As early as they are in their deal with the network it seems like ROH will only be there to enhance a new vision on channel and trying to grow a different audience.

One thing Ring of Honor was missing was a national television which they haven’t had since the HDNet days. This time they will have more distribution via their new partner and will also allow them to keep running their programming on the local Sinclair affiliates. This extra added exposure could be the move that takes the brand from being number 3 to the 2nd place wrestling label in the United States.

What would be a dream for wrestling fans would a talent exchange and some joint PPVs. These events could also involve AAA from Mexico and New Japan since both companies have done work with organizations in the past. Nobody can stop the juggernaut that is the WWE but there is an opportunity to offer some awesome alternate programming.

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