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Cena Challenge 2

The hottest thing going on every RAW show recently has been John Cena’s open challenge for the United States title. For almost the past 8 weeks now we have seen a varied amount of competitors put on good to great matches with the man who is still the face of the current generation. Assuming Cena takes out Rusev for the third time in 4 tries he will resume this challenge series. Of course if you keep tempting fate with WWE superstars eventually you get knocked off right? So who defeats Cena during the challenge and when is the question?

Cena Challenge 1

This is a golden opportunity for the WWE to put a spark to a career. Look at the good reaction Sami Zayn and Neville got from coming close to knocking off the champ. Defeating Cena and then following up with a win in the rematch could be a career boost that could really help out the roster. In theory I would like to it to be someone from the NXT roster who uses this as their take off onto the main roster.

It would definitely be a nice spot for Kevin Owens when he hits the main roster. Owens has a lot of potential and this could be rocket for him to hit the scene. His persona is a strong guy who fits kind of an opposite end to the kid friendly John Cena character.

If you really want to get into some fantasy book and the Samoa Joe rumors are true that would be an excellent spot for the Samoan Submission Machine. Word on the street is that Joe has signed with the WWE and would only do a short stint in NXT. A guy who already has a lot of credibility in the wrestling business and a good number of fans are familiar with would set things on fire. It would not a hard sell to fans that he could knock off a John Cena.

Samoa Joe Submission

No matter who gets the honor let’s see how the WWE manages it and their push going forward. Hopefully it will live up to our expectations.

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