Saturday Morning Wrestling

The WWE is bringing Saturday morning wrestling back to the television. Starting this weekend on your local CW affiliate station. Now if you are not a fan of the current PG/G rated product then this may not be good news to you. It would be nice if the morning program could be for the Lil Jimmy’s and RAW could be for the adults. We all know that the company hasn’t been really good at balance lately and that is unlikely to happen.

The Ring Time staff is taking a positive spin on this new development in WWE programming. First of all hopefully this will be another opportunity for the company to showcase some of their new talent and get a feel for their marketability. Also it gives the company more exposure to new fans.

As a fan who was introduced to the sport by Saturday morning wrestling I hope it can have the same effect on a this generation. The first time I ever saw Piper’s Pit, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and The Ultimate Warrior was on Saturday morning. Lets hope the company uses this opportunity to create more superstars.

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