WWE Network A Year Later

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The WWE Network has been around one full year. Probably the most innovative move to every hit professional wrestling has been around a year and it looks like Vince McMahon is beginning to cash in on his gamble. There were doubters but Network is here to stay. So we wouldn’t be Ring Time Pro Wrestling without offering what we thought of the product a year inside.

The Shine of NXT

Kevin Owens NXT

One of the clearest winners of the new platform is the NXT brand. If investors are worried how Triple H will run things when he takes over they might want to tune into the development brand. The presentation, commentary and bell to bell action are all top notch. After the success of guys like The Shield and Wyatts on the main roster now it’s time for the next wave of guys to make their impact on the roster. Not sure if the WWE is in a rush to bring this talent up as the fans are enjoying watching Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville on Wednesday nights and emergence of the newer talent like Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Hideo Itami are making this a bankable commodity for the company. This is evidence with NXT crew taking the show on the road.

What I Want to See
The Network has been a great medium to share old school content. Due to their purchase of tape libraries the WWE is he unofficial keeper of the gate to wrestling history. Now it’s time to break open those vaults a little bit more and introduce some more programming for the network. On their live stream they have been in a habit or recycling a few shows a little much. Into 2015 it would be nice to not only see more from Nitro but really go into the WCW and Mid Atlantic libraries. Releasing a few of those Saturday night shows that were a hit at 6:05 on TBS back in the day would be a welcome addition to line up. It would also be nice to round out the story or WCCW and add some of those Texas Stadium shows to the PPV library and even bring somebody like Jim Ross to touch up the commentary. Now that you have the Mid-South tapes at your disposal it would nice to show those matches and see the emergence of a young Ted Dibiase pre million dollar man or the Junkyard Dog versus Michael Hayes.

The Network has made it to 1 million subscribers and growing. With their free month promotions and finally completing their UK expansion the WWE Network has a strong foundation and is here to stay.

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