WWE Missing Halftime This Year

Half Time Heat

The WWE was very ambitious 16 years ago when it was trying to take down WCW. The idea of Halftime Heat during the Superbowl was great idea. They pitted The Rock against Mick Foley for the WWE title and even had a clock running to let you know when the big game was going to start back up. Foley defeated Rocky to win the title in an empty arena match.

Rock Halftime

It’s amazing that the company hasn’t revisited this idea in recent years but especially this year. This month the WWE Network is free and wouldn’t be crazy on the 1st day you are offering complimentary subscriptions is the day of the biggest television day of the year. What would drive more people to sign up than an exclusive match on the WWE Network during Halftime of the Superbowl?

This year we could have a live crowd down at Full Sail in Florida at the NXT studios where you could show the game on the big screen and party with fans and then go to a live match at halftime. They could possibly expose a few talents with dark matches during the game. So now I got a pumped up crowd ready to watch Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar for the WWE title. This year where Katy Perry is performing the big game show, there are lot of 18-35 males who would welcome some testosterone filled action. But will never know how that would have gone because they missed a shot that they didn’t take.

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