Wrestling Fans Might Need Some Patience

Rock and Roman Reigns

So it’s safe to say that the WWE didn’t get the fan reaction that they were expecting from the end of the Royal Rumble. Definitely Philly was the wrong city for the way they finished the Royal Rumble match. The disappointment was not contained to the city of brotherly love, because the internet did not appear to be pleased. Never have I seen a clear odds on favorite to win a match meet such opposition.

There are reports of fans who were trying to stop superstar’s cars outside the arena and not let them leave. I know the city of brother is tough but not the best course of action for your safety. If this were the 1970s there would be new stories of fans with black eyes. Not saying that people should not have opinions but there is a way to express it.

Maybe the craziest thing I saw yesterday was the #CancelWWENetwork hashtag that was a trending topic on twitter. I decided to sit back and watch this social media backlash that is currently still going. I wonder if they think this will make things better. The company usually doesn’t give in to the internet right away and cancelling your network subscription means no more Starrcade and Nitro for you.

Brock and Roman

I think the WWE is happy with their pick to go to Wrestlemania. He has been their guy for a while and they are going to stick with him. Do I think that they could have set up the finish better to main event with Roman not just left with the Big Show and Kane as his final foes? Of course and it would have built up some intensity and they could have created a physical and entertaining finish.

After watching RAW last night I think the WWE is back on the right track. A blessing in disguise was the snow storm that canceled the live show and being forced to do those studio interviews. The Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar sit down was television gold. With Heyman talking and Brock not being at TV every week to get over exposed they have time to craft a good story. Roman Reigns being a similar spot as Brock was in 2002 of being the next big thing and interesting angle at all of this.

So you are wondering what about Ziggler, Bryan and Ambrose? With 2 months to go until Wrestlemania expect these men to get involved in meaningful feuds that will position them for the rest of the year. Remember Seth Rollins is still floating around with a Money In The Bank briefcase and will be a part of something meaningful leading up the big event. We still have yet to see the return of Randy Orton who has a gripe with The Authority but hey you never know what the Viper will do. At the end of the day let’s all be patient. They figured it out last year and I am sure they will put something together again.

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