What if Seth Rollins Wins The Belt

Brock and Seth

Tonight could be the beginning of the new era in the WWE. Seth Rollins could make his claim to the gold and officially kick off the phase of the evolution of the WWE. Let’s face it, the title match this evening is about Brock and Seth. John Cena has never been so irrelevant in a match that is a part of and that maybe a good thing because it’s time to move on from him being the primary star of the show.

Seth Rollins has all the tools to be the champion. He has proven that he can main event pay per views and has the right backing. Being a part of The Authority he represents that insurmountable task that will torment a baby face or a few for the next few months until they can accomplish that great feat at the showcase of the immortals.

Wrestlemania is an event that sells itself but the fan base seeing something new and fresh would be the draw this year. Last year it was the year of Daniel Bryan and the company capitalized on it. This year here are a few scenarios if Seth rolls in with the belt.

The Shield Triple Threat

The Shield Triple Threat

The story of The Shield could meet its final chapter at Wrestlemania. The break up is still fresh in everybody’s minds and Ambrose and Rollins still hate The Authority and of course the feeling is mutual. What better way to say that the future is now than with a main event full of younger guys. Vince has already said these 3 and Bray Wyatt are the only ones reaching for the brass ring. Also what a carrot to dangle in front of the NXT crew than for them to see NXT alums n the main event of the biggest show of the year. Both Ambrose and Reigns could help each other survive until we got April against all that Triple H and company will throw at them.

Yes Movement Strikes Again

Daniel Bryan vs Rollins

What we have here is the story of the guy who never lost the title versus the corporate sell out. The Authority still hates Daniel and him and Seth do have some history. They can play this all the way back to Ring of Honor if they like. These guys would provide an incredibly athletic match that could usher in a new era in the WWE. There is enough time to make a really good story out of this one. Can Bryan take down another company man?

Baby Face Brock vs Rollins

Brock Lesnar

The Authority almost made Brock a baby face after the last RAW can finish the deal. Somehow he could end up getting screwed in the match tonight and wants his revenge. Now he could of course get a rematch at the next PPV but that’s too easy. How about Brock wins the Rumble by entering it later or force his way into the match at Mania by threatening Triple H with a beat down in the back. Not sure of Lesnar working back to back PPVs but there is a way to make this a good story. I wouldn’t have Paul turn on Brock. He can still maintain as the Beast mouth piece especially since he doesn’t have the greatest relationship with the McMahon family.

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