The Hall of Fame is Getting Macho

Randy Savage HOF

The WWE has finally opened up its Hall of Fame doors to Randy “Macho Man” Savage. One of the foundations of modern professional is finally getting his due. There is no more deserving person who is sitting outside the Hall of Fame that deserves to get in more than Savage. If you are familiar with this site and our show one of my major complaints every year is when we are inducting Macho Man, now I can stop being upset and celebrate.

Whenever people look up the term “professional wrestler” there should be a picture of Randy Savage. No one ever embodied the spirit of what a sports entertainer is supposed to be more that the Macho Man. From the music, to the robes and his interviews he brought a special package that has never been seen before or since in wrestling.

Randy Savage and Elizabeth

The Hall of Fame story just needs one more addition. A story about Macho Man is incomplete with Miss Elizabeth. This induction must include the First Lady of Wrestling. If there is a Camelot of Sports Entertainment, it begins and ends with Randy and Liz. The greatest love story in pro wrestling should be immortalized in the Hall of Fame.

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Keith B. Holt
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