New Feel TNA – 2015 Outlook

Kurt Angle 2015

Today embarks a new era of Impact Wrestling. As we begin this new year and maybe the start of a new time in wrestling in which we will name later, TNA has survived to still be one of the players in American sports entertainment. There was a lot of speculation if the company could survive into 2015 but not only did they make it but appear to be ready to make some moves.

With a new TV partner in Destination America, Impact Wrestling appears poised to make some more waves. The Discovery Network appears to be invested in their new acquisition. The company has undergone a complete rebranding and plans to launch with a look and attitude. They brought in former WWE announcer Josh Matthews to go along with Taz to freshen up their commentary.

Josh Matthews TNA

TNA has secured veteran TNA talent like Abyss and Eric Young to new contracts and young guys like the Wolves. One thing they will need to do is partner up with other organizations like they have done with Wrestle1 out of Japan and do talent exchanges. They may even want to reach out to Ring of Honor try to put together some joint ventures. Their talent needs fresh matches against people that their fans may not be used to seeing. Impact can use this year to really make a splash. There are other companies on the rise and the number 2 spot isn’t as secure as it used to be.

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