CM Punk Flips the Table on WWE

PUnk and HHH

CM Punk has been gone from the WWE for the better part of the last 11 months and with a recent interview he has set the wrestling world on fire again. His sit down with best friend Colt Cabana has everybody talking. In what comes to about less than 2 hours Punk explains to the world the details of his departure and the most shocking is that he did not quit but was fired.

In a story that he could have sold for major money he sat down in a comfortable environment and broke his silence. The words expressed by Mr. Brooks maybe the most impactful interview regarding the WWE that fans have heard in a long time. Punk laid it all out there and will definitely have the shareholders investigating the company they have invested in. He has blown the whistle that puts the entire Wellness Policy under scrutiny.

Do I believe that the WWE is capable of the things that were mentioned in the interview? Of course I do. Similar claims have been made by wrestlers when they left WWE or explaining why they walked away while being on top. Now some of those guys may or may not repeat such allegations as they are trying to get a WWE check or currently receiving one but hey the YouTube is there. The drug testing in the company has been in question before by former talents and the random nature doesn’t always make sense. Hence the idea Straight Edged stars or the talking talents who are not athletes seemed to always make to the pee cup, where others we wonder if they have ever taken a test.

As far as Punk’s feelings about individual talents those are just that, his opinions. I will say that putting him Ryback early was a mistake and we all knew that he wasn’t ready for the spot. Inexperienced opponents have been known to get talent hurt.

The Triple H burial service got mention. One thing that has never really been a secret but hasn’t been talked about lately is how Hunter may feel about you and how that affects your career in the WWE. Despite how many cheers you get in an arena or how many fans tweet on your behalf the engine does what it wants. How long have we waited on Dolph’s push, what happens to Rey every time he gets too popular? Guys who were popular in the indies like Punk who don’t fit that bodybuilder stereotype seem to have it a little harder. The thing that may stick in the company’s side is that despite frequent push backs Punk kept rising. The fans still chant his name today and I am sure that burns.

The biggest thing that WWE will not be able to ignore from this interview is their handling of talent and their injuries. Punk’s discussion of his staph infection and medical team’s management of it is serious business. A publically traded company should not be able to slide by this without any explanation. Mrsa infections are not only a danger to the person who has it but to the people who come in contact with them. Everybody who wrestled Punk at this time was at risk and generally staph is representative of a bigger systematic problem. Remember when NFL teams like the Cleveland Browns were having issues with mrsa?

Combine that with trying to idea that they may have tried to get a star to work with a concussion. The sports world is learning more and more about the dangers of concussions and the altering of the brain due to them. The constant grind of the WWE schedule and how they do business makes it hard to doubt that they may push performers way too far. Could Punk’s sit down with Cabana started something that could lead to some major changes to how business is conducted?

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