Network Struggles A Win For Fans

WWE Network Nov

The WWE appears to be laying out the red carpet to get people to join the WWE Network this month. With subscriber numbers well below speculation the company has been very desperate to pump up this project. Through the month of November access to the new outlet will be free to new customers. Now as a day 1 loyal constituent I would love to have gotten something for my patience and all the network lags that came with signing up early.

Vince Network

With the WWE trying to get people to stay on board after this complimentary month they are doing some heavy programming. This is where everybody is winning. There have very good Monday Night Wars specials every week and now we have added the Rivalries special to the network. This week we will get ECW Exposed and when you combine that with the Brothers of Destruction DVD preview it is looking like a good month. Hopefully they will keep this momentum going into December because hey you got to keep those new subscribers.

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Keith B. Holt
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