Did Bound For Glory Help TNA

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This past weekend TNA their annual Bound For Glory PPV. This is considered their biggest event of the year. Now the event was solid and had a lot of good matches. It was held in Tokyo, Japan and featured wrestlers from the Wrestleone promotion. The card was set with match ups that between wrestlers from both promotions. The question is now what does TNA do this?

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As of today TNA has not announced a new television deal that will allow them to continue operating. The event on Sunday did not even feel like a TNA show. The company that just brought back the 6 sided ring was relegated to a standard ring with the other company’s logo. For what could be the company’s last PPV event ever it seemed a like a good mixed card for a One Night Only.

Most of the matches had no real history and a lot the performers will not be seen on US television anytime soon. If you watched last nights Impact show it does not have any real connection to what happened at the PPV. For an organization that needed a lot of momentum it seems like Bound For Glory was a missed opportunity. Notable names like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, The Wolves, Bobby Lashley and The Hardy’s are missing completely from the PPV.

This did not seem like a company who was trying to stay alive. It seemed like they were just doing an event because it was on the calendar. But this is the same company that has had a new world champion for a month while on TV the belt still has not changed hands. If TNA does not last the blame has be on who ever thinks this is a way to run a wrestling company.

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