Total Divas Doesn’t Mix with RAW

Total Divas

When the WWE started their Total Divas reality show on the E! Network it seemed like an amazing idea. This show would give fans a backstage peek at the lives of women on their roster. This show has been good for the exposure of the company and has allowed non wrestling fans to get acquainted with the WWE product. The problem has become that the lines between their outwardly scripted show RAW and their so called reality show are getting blurred.

The Total Divas program has provided exposure to the women on the roster and there has been more matches featuring ladies on RAW. In a three hour show it shouldn’t take a reality show to make a company use their talent. Also the stories involving the ladies on the wrestling show should not try to mirror the story on the reality show. The reality should only use the wrestling show as a back drop to what’s going on in their lives. Such as Daniel Bryan’s injury is a real life issue with him and Brie and how they deal with it is reality.

This week’s RAW angle during the Rosa Mendes versus Layla match with Natalya and Summer Rae in their respective corners was a pitiful attempt at pushing the show. They even brought in Natalya’s husband Tyson Kidd to sit ringside as if he would ever do that on any other occasion. While down near the right he is playing a video game and has no headphones and it not paying attention to the match. If you could stomach the most recent Total Divas you would know that Tyson and Natty were having some issues with their marriage.

Now considering their Total Divas argument would have been resolved by now is one thing. The idea of making a part of what is already a bad angle, which is rooted in the show, looks pretty desperate. Either this is a result of the WWE stretching time in a RAW that is too long or trying to make use of the show on E and drive fans to watch. For the most part they are falling flat either way. Shouldn’t the idea of trying to be the champion and having matches trying to get to the next level be enough motivation to wrestle?

What the company is doing is exposing flaws in the both products the way they are going now. The reality show has made up scenes that don’t even match what is going on in real life and that goes back to the 1st season. Remember when Nikki Bella first found out about John Cena’s elbow injury at SummerSlam before the event? When the entire internet knew a month before and there were pictures of his elbow going around. Hopefully they will move away from this and the bad acting and just let the ladies wrestle.

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