The Ultimate Weapon – Movie Review

Ultimate Weapon

Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: Robert Paul Marius
Stars: Hulk Hogan, Carl Marotte, Cynthia Preston, Lynne Adams and Daniel Pilon

The Ultimate Weapon is a hidden gem in the Hulk Hogan movie collection. Hogan plays a mercenary Jon “Hardball” Cutter. This film is no 3 Ninjas or Suburban Commando. It was surprising to see a movie done in 1998 with an R rating starring the Hulkster.

Cutter finds trouble on a job he takes where he is supposed to be on a mission for the UN but he and his partner are really snatching up weapons for the IRA. This doesn’t sit well for some reason with a mercenary and Cutter decides to take matters into his own hands. This sets off domino effect that puts everybody he loves in danger.
The movie run time is about 110 minutes and you can see about an easy 20 to 30 could be cut out. All in all it’s not a terrible movie. Now the R rating would probably due to mostly the fact you see some bare breast in the movie. The action scenes are kind 1980’s style for a movie made in 1998. Hogan does deliver as an action star and almost interesting he didn’t get more roles like this. In a movie with a bigger budget and some better writing who knows what could have happened.

This movie just jumps into TV Title territory. Rating 5.8 out of 10.

TV title

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