Roman Reigns Injury Sets Up Big Return

Roman Reigns

The biggest news in the wrestling world this weekend is the injury to WWE superstar Roman Reigns. Due to an incarcerated hernia that required emergency surgery the up and coming star will be out 4-6 weeks. With the push that Reigns has been getting lately it would seem that his absence would be a big blow to the roster. While he will be missed, this sabbatical can be used to help enhance the young superstar.

While it’s clear that Reigns is the next in to be the next big star or at least that’s how it’s being presented. There is still some work and improvement that needs to be done before we drop in the Wrestlemania main event. A steady build up with the right opponents and the young man will be on his way. He just needs the right dance partners to tell meaningful stories.

With the WWE having so much television on every week it can be good for a talent to fall back. One thing I think he was headed for was over exposure. Once the fans feel the push is too strong they will turn on the wrestler. With him being on RAW and Smackdown every week and even Main Event sometimes there might have been a little too much of a good thing. They are not ready to make him the champ so they only could try to drag out situations with him and The Authority.

As many have cautioned Reigns should not attempt to rush back from this injury because only time really heals the hernia. A little over 6 weeks will take us past Hell In A Cell and be a good set up for Survivor Series. Even missing Survivor series would not be that bad, because a lot of the Wrestlemania seeds are not planted until after then. The best thing is for him to get full healthy and let all of his injuries heal and be fresh.

The one thing wrestling fans love is a returning superstar. This will allow time creative team to put together a fresh package for him. Roman is the last member of The Shield who still carries everything from that time with his character. His ring attire and music all could use a freshening up as we embark on really making him a superstar.

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