The Advantage of Brock’s Schedule

Brock Champ

Brock Lesnar is now the new WWE Champion. He won the title with one of the most dominant performances in recent memory. We have never seen John Cena beaten that way since his rise in 2004. Not even the Big Show could look that convincing against the face of the company. Now that will the company do with a champion that does not work a full time schedule. The man that ended the Undertaker’s streak is danger to everybody in his way.

This is not the first time the WWE has had a champ that was not on a full time schedule. Just last year The Rock carried the belt from Royal Rumble all the way to Wrestlemania and not being at every show. The title has been over exposed in recent years through 52 weeks of TV and 12 pay per view events. Pretty much since the Attitude Era there has been a demand on the world champion to always be around.

Brock does not need to be at every RAW to be effective. He does not have to do the opening promo and wrestle in the main event match every television taping. In the 1980’s, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were not on every single program for their respective companies. When the NWA champion was a traveling champion he was in a different territory every week working against their top star. Not seen much at all in their home organization. Brock may bring the belt back to being a lofty goal. Every time you see him with the belt it will something special.

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