Released WWE Wrestlers Are Keeping Busy


The WWE has been on a tear releasing talent. Both the main roster and NXT have seen major changes in talent. These wrestlers have left for a variety of reasons but most have seemed to have found new homes fairly quickly. Generally when a guy got released from the company you wait 90 days and see them with their new name in TNA. Not so much anymore with the add exposure of the independents and top notch international destinations these men seem to poised to do big things in their post WWE careers.

Del Rio TripleMania

Although it is unclear whether Alberto Del Rio will wrestle or just appear at AAA’s TripleMania PPV he will be there. Mexico’s largest wrestling promotion will have a member from one of the country’s royal wrestling families in attendance. This is a great opportunity for a guy who was more than likely going back to his home anyway to compete. The details of Alberto’s 90 non-compete clause are being debated on the internet as it appears the WWE wants to try to screw the guy even though they still would have to pay him. Del Rio owns the intellectual property to his name. One way or another he will finish his career strong in an organization that is the largest in Mexico and is going to come to US television soon.

Del Rio will not be alone in AAA as the “Original Sin Cara” who will go by Myzteziz is there also. He will wrestle at the TripleMania PPV event. He has been gone a lot longer from the WWE, so he will be ready to go. With the Ricardo Rodriguez and Rey Mysterio both possibly coming to AAA this promotion can build a strong American audience when they debut on the El Rey Network.

Evolve 31 PPV poster

A few wrestlers have found a new home with Gabe Sapolsky’s Evolve and DragonGate USA promotions. They are independent organizations so it does not violate any of their WWE contract obligations. Names like Chris Hero, Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne) and Drew Galloway(Drew McIntyre) have competed or are scheduled to in upcoming events. Sydal has also shot a YouShoot interview that I assume will focus largely on his WWE time. Word on the street is that Drew’s work is amazing so far on the independent circuit and actually could be working his way back to the WWE. More than likely Sydal will take his high flying style to TNA and would nice fit for their X-Division. These men are proving that leaving the WWE is not the end of a wrestling career.

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