TNA Moves To Wednesday Nights

Impact Moves to Weds

Impact Wrestling is taking its act to a new night on Spike TV. Instead of competing on a stacked Thursday night next week TNA will be bring wrestling to Wednesday nights. This move may be in response to the rumors that the WWE is bringing its beloved SmackDown show to Thursdays. Either way this might be the best move for a company that is still in search of a new TV deal. Maybe a bump in the ratings may convince the brass at Spike to get back in bed with the company from Tennessee.

As a fan I like the idea of not being forced to try to flip back and forth between football and my wrestling. I get enough of that on Monday Nights. Thursday is a very stacked night usually in network primetime television. Hopefully TNA has staked out night that will allow them to flourish.

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Keith B. Holt
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