Time to Relax the Bad Guy Boss Angle

Screwjob Montreal

On November 9th, 1997 in Montreal the wrestling world changed forever. Vince McMahon who was the real life owner of the WWF became involved in match for the first time as an owner. Prior to this most people just knew Vince as an announcer. That night was creation of the on camera character “Mr McMahon”. An over controlling owner who was out there to make his guy won the match. His guys were never fan favorites. This led to him having a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Mr McMahon versus Austin was able to tap into many fans secret feeling of what they would want to do to their boss. This was time where ratings for professional wrestling were at an all-time high. The WWF was in the middle of the Attitude Era and their main competitor WCW had the NWO running the show. WCW also took the man in charge of their company and put him out front as an on camera authority figure that was only interested in taking down the good guys. This has remained with the professional wrestling business ever since.

Heel Authority

Every major wrestling company eventually goes to the bad guy boss at the top trying to screw the beloved babyface. For 17 years now whether in TNA, WCW, WWE there has to be some General Manager or owner that is trying to make a champion out of a guy that the fans do not want. Maybe we need to take a step back from this. This has to have gotten old after constantly rerunning this program over and over again. The fans are losing the ability to buy into the leadership trying to hold down the up and coming superstar.

Before 1997 the wrestling business did not need these control freaks. The hot era of the 1980’s this angle was not used by WWF or WCW. The people in charge would only come down to make a ruling when something got out of control or was in dispute. Jack Tunney and Jim Crockett were used sparingly and for major decisions to create fairness. I am not saying that the manic boss has to go away forever but we need a break. Let’s have a buildup that fans can believe in and get the focus back on what people came to see and that’s the wrestling.

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