KnockOut – Movie Review


Director: Anne Wheeler
Writers: Evan Jacobs, Jack Nasser
Starring: Steve Austin, Daniel Magder, Janet Kidder, Emma Grabinsky and Jaren Brandt Bartlett
Studio: Phase 4 Films
Run Time: 91 Minutes

Today’s wrestling movie is the 2011 direct to video release Knockout starring Stone Cold Steve Austin. The movie is also known by the title Born to Fight. Now you may notice a poster with Steve Austin and boxing ring and think he is going to kick some ass. I am going to let you off the hook early with a little spoiler…The Rattlesnake does not punch anyone in this movie. The flick is centered on a kid named Matthew Miller who is played by Daniel Magder. Matthew is the classic new kid at school who doesn’t quite fit in.

Like every new kid in school Matthew comes in contact with the school bully Hector who also happens to be the state boxing champ. Matthew himself has a relationship with boxing and is infatuated with the sport. He is encouraged to try out for the school boxing team by Dan the school janitor. Dan is played by Steve Austin and he is a retired former professional boxer. Dan tends to be in the right place at the right time when the bully and his friends come around Matthew.
Matthew convinces Dan to train him for the school boxing team. Dan agrees to be Matthew’s, Mr Miyagi (Karate Kid) as he is going to fight his own Johnny Lawrence in Hector. At the least the school boxing coach is a little more reasonable than the Cobra Kai Sensei. Like most movies of this the type the kid has a lot self-doubt and it takes caring mentor to bring him along. Matthew also must deal with issues at home in this coming of age story.

The story can move a little slow at times and it hits all the tropes of the bully overcoming story. That being said it won’t totally be a waste of 90 minutes. Stone Cold is pretty much himself in the movie. Kind of like the Stone Cold you see on WWE’s Tough Enough but toned down a little.

This movie gets a TV Title.

TV title

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