What Happened to Cesaro

Cesaro in The Gap

The day after Wrestlemania there were few stars in the WWE hotter than Cesaro. Fresh off winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal there was a lot of buzz around the Swiss Superman. After slamming the Big Show for the win the man appeared to be made. He even became a Paul Heyman guy, which most fans thought he would ride that rocket into instant stardom. Today Cesaro seems to be headed more for the fate of Ryback than that of Brock Lesnar.

The stars seem to align with a fast rising star enlisting the services of one of the greatest managers ever. Some people are wondering why the train has stalled at the station. One reason is that associating Cesaro with Heyman it appeared that the WWE wanted to keep him has a heel. The problem with that the fans didn’t want him as a heel anymore. A strong guy who uses amazing feats of strength and has swing that is over with the kids does not say heel. He was already breaking away from the Real Americans and an organic feud with Swagger was there where he should have easily won.

Cesaro Heyman

Instead the company involved him meaningless feuds and never really allowed him to get over. Somewhere he should have had a one those mid card belts. Also after winning a battle royal by slamming a 7ft giant it is not a good look then to have him in trouble with guys like Kofi Kingston and RVD. He acquired the services of Paul Heyman only to have his manager mention his other client more than him. It can be said that hanging with Paul might have contributed to him taking a step back.

As great as Paul is at getting his clients to the next level, his most recent relationships have not received the major benefit of working with him. Curtis Axel and Ryback both were dropped soon as Brock came back and never got the machine truly behind them. It looks as if Cesaro is getting dropped now that Brock is coming back. That does nothing but hurt the full time talent. How about letting these guys stand side by side with Brock and get the rub of being seen as a part of monster talent pool. Now when these guys get discarded it appears that they are not as important. Now it’s time to see if Cesaro can rebuild from this and if the company can still see his talent.

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