WWE Network Gets a Push

WWE Network 2

The WWE Network maybe getting its strongest push since its initial launch. If you are watching wrestling this week just expect a good amount of TV to be dedicated to trying to get more subscribers. Remember a while back when it was reported that Vince McMahon lost 350 million dollars in one day. Well now we are starting to see some of the fallout of that day.

Monday Night Wars

Now for fans of the WWE and wrestling in general you will benefit from this push. If you are not already a subscriber to the WWE Network, you will get one free week to watch. Just like when premium cable channels give a week away free, you will see some of their best programming. This week we even got a preview of the Monday Night Wars, which is a series that has been promised to us since the beginning of the network. Now it was only a preview but it was an hour long and it at least showed that they have done some production on the project.

So far this week the highlights are the addition of “Saturday Night’s Main Event” to the library. They have only included about 13 episodes of the classic program. There is also a new Wrestlemania Rewind featuring CM Punk’s 2 Money in the Bank wins. About 2 weeks ago they added the earlier shows of Total Divas to the line-up and I would expect a few more programs to come through this week. Hopefully this new push will have a positive impact and encourage more subscribers. The healthier the network the more content we may get to see.

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