Rollins is Cashing In on Selling Out

Seth Rollins MITB

Seth Rollins is the new Mr Money in the Bank. He now has the opportunity to cash in the life changing briefcase anytime he wants. He has already cashed in one by winning the match. When Rollins turned his back on The Shield he made a career changing move. Now holding a shot at the World Title is the first step in him making good on that decision.

Right now the only obstacle in Seth’s way is his old partner Dean Ambrose. He and Ambrose took over the Money in the Bank Ladder match as expected. Rollins had the benefit of his new association with the Powers that Be that allow him to take the briefcase. Some fans maybe upset that Kane got involved in the match but that was what was supposed to happen. You don’t join a street gang to have fair fights afterwards.

Ambrose vs rollins

Ambrose should still be a thorn in the side of his former teammate for a while. Dean will try to take the briefcase from Seth for better part of the rest of the year. There might even be a ladder match between the two at SummerSlam but don’t expect Rollins to part with that contract. He will utilize his protection and eventually take the gold may a little after the New Year.

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