TNA Finds Its 6 Sided Roots

TNA Ring

Today TNA took steps to correcting one of their biggest past mistakes. They have announced that starting this week at the NYC tapings that the six sided ring will return to the promotion. Impact Wrestling is pulling out all the stops for their days in the Big Apple at the end of the week. Bringing back the hexagon shaped ring will bring back some serious brand identity to the organization. TNA can start moving away from the steps they took backwards during the Hogan era.
One of the things that caught my attention the first time I watched TNA was that ring. It was something different and I wanted to how the guys worked in this different ring. Now we can look forward to Ultimate X the way is supposed to be done and Lockdown will be in the 6 sides of steel. The talent who is not familiar will have to learn how to work in these dimensions but these talented workers will adapt.

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Keith B. Holt
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