Rollins Natural Evolution

Seth Rollins Evolves

The wrestling world was rocked Monday when Seth Rollins embraced the dark side joined forces with Triple H and Randy Orton. One thing that was reinforced was that nothing in wrestling last forever. The Shield along with The Wyatt Family injected fresh live into the WWE main roster ever since they stepped on the scene. Both groups have made their way to the prime time but The Shield’s program with Evolution seemed to take center stage.

After the end of the feud with Evolution it was time to move on the next thing. The Shield could not have been hotter and that is the best time to blow things up. Doesn’t sound right but breaking up wouldn’t have meant as much if the group was stale. Watching Rollins with Orton and Hunter just looks right. He is the most technical of his former group and could use the help of a established group to help him move on to the next steps of his career.

Sink or swim the immediate future of Roman Reigns is as a baby face. The powers that be have put him on that path for some time now. Ambrose is a wild card that doesn’t fit the scheme of a group like Evolution. For people who hate that the Hounds of Justice broke up will have to understand it was going to happen for one reason or another. This time it was because someone sold out. They would have broken up over jealousy as one of the members would have progressed towards being World Champion sooner than the others. Rollins was smart enough or greedy enough to see the potential payoff that rolling with the boss can provide.

HHH Seth Rollins

HHH has always had a good eye for talent and is a good guy to be connected with. Guys like XPac, New Aged Outlaws and of course Randy Orton and Batista have benefited from being around The Game. Being in the WWE and having a direct line to the McMahon Family can be the shot of a young Rollins dreams. He may also be exactly what The Authority needs to take down a World Champion that has been a thorn in their side. It shouldn’t be long before we see young Seth in a nice suit and little haircut.

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