The Reunion – Movie Review

The Reunion

Director: Michael Pavone
Writer: Michael Pavone
Stars: John Cena, Ethan Embry, Amy Smart, Michael Rispoli, Boyd Holbrook and Lela Loren

In 2011, WWE Studios released the action/drama The Reunion starring John Cena. This is Cena’s fourth film for the company’s film branch. The movie also may fit in the Western category. The movie centers around 3 brothers and their sister, who are brought together by the death of their estranged father. The family is dysfunctional at best and each member brings their own set of flaws to the table. Their sister Nina Carey who is played by Amy Smart is in charge executing their father’s will.

The fun ensures when the brothers who have avoided each other for years are forced to run a business for three years to receive a large inheritance. Cena stars as the oldest brother Sam who is a police officer who was recently suspended from the force. He and his brothers Leo the bounty hunter and Douglas the thief decide to pursue a bounty that Leo missed out on that will get them 250,000 dollars. Things don’t go down as they thought and the brothers encounter law enforcement, drug lords and kidnappers on the way down into Mexico.

The movie has a few plot holes and gets confused on when it wants to be an action movie, comedy or family drama. All of the relationships have the complications but are not greatly explained. Cena’s role in this movie is pretty similar to the character he played in Legendary. This movie just has a few action scenes. He plays the strong stoic type that is hiding some deep emotional baggage.

The movie is currently available on Hulu Plus for streaming. The run time is 96 minutes and about perfect for this movie. Not one I would rush out to see but an okay time killer.

This movie gets a TV Title

TV title

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