Do You Think You Know Me? – The Story of Edge (DVD Suggestion)

Edge Story 2

A boy grows up in Toronto and dreams of being a professional wrestler. He meets his best friend in school and they both pursue this lofty dream. That is the beginning of the story of WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Not only did he realize his dream but became one of the best ever. “Do You Think You Know Me – The Story of Edge” is the WWE produced biography of Edge. We take a look at how a young Adam becomes the Rated R Superstar.

Edge 3

The WWE does a really good job on telling the story of Edge. This is their 2nd DVD chronicling his career. The 1st one was more a match compilation where “Do You Think You Know Me” is a story that you get to the core of the man. We get to learn about him meeting his best friend Jay who wrestling fans knows as Christian and how both of these childhood friends chase their pro wrestling dream. How does a kid who was in the audience at Wrestlemania VI go on to main event the biggest show in wrestling?

Edge’s career is a very interesting watch. A guy who started out as a tag team specialist who helped innovates and recharges tag team wrestling in the WWE. He was then able to turn that into a fantastic singles career. Whether on Smackdown or RAW he always brought it every night. Didn’t matter whether good guy or bad guy he always stepped up to plate.

The film is available on streaming Netflix anymore but you can watch it on the WWE Network. Also you like to have hard copies then you can order it on Amazon. Amazon is a good option because there you can get the two discs that contain some really good matches. Definitely a must watch for anybody who loves the Attitude Era.

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