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Daniel Bryan Neck

The WWE Universe received some very unpleasant news to say the least on RAW last night. Daniel Bryan announced that on Thursday he will be undergoing neck surgery and will be out for an indefinite period of time. There was some speculation before last night that Bryan may have to go out but no one knew how serious this injury was. The early talk was that he may miss large parts of the upcoming tour of the UK but this news is much worse.

It is never a good time for the World Champion to go down and this one is a major loss. As of right now the reports are that it is a minimally invasive surgery and Bryan maybe back before Payback. Not sure how minimal getting your neck cut on can be and generally when stars have had work done with their neck they were out an extended amount of time. The WWE has not rushed to strip Bryan of the title so they may think that he may be able to come back soon.

If Bryan cannot come back in a time for Payback or the PPV after that the WWE will have to come up with a plan for the title. The company could possibly a tournament to determine a new champ that will of course face Bryan when he comes back. Hopefully Daniel will recover soon and he can continue his run that built up for the better part of a year.

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