Inside Out – Movie Review

Inside Out

Director: Artie Mandelberg
Writer: Dylan Schaffer
Stars: Paul Levesque (HHH), Michael Rapaport, Parker Posey, Bruce Dern, and Michael Cudlitz

The 2011 release of the movie Inside Out stars WWE superstar HHH. It is his second WWE Studios starring role following The Chaperone. Similar to his previous movie HHH plays man coming out of prison and is trying to turn his life around. That is about where the similarities of those movies end. This one is a more gritty crime drama instead of a family friendly comedy.

Triple H plays AJ are big quiet guy who seems to always try to do the right thing. When he gets out he meets up with his childhood friend Jack played by Michael Rapaport. After spending a long time in prison AJ just wants to live a normal life but Michael wants to bring AJ back in the game. AJ soon finds that hanging with Michael has its consequences and he ends involved whether he wants to or not.

WWE Studios usually pairs the wrestler with one strong actor and they try to carry a film. This one actually has more than a few accomplished actors and brings together a pretty solid story. Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern plays the crime boss Vic who also is Jack’s father. They are joined by Parker Posey who plays Claire. Claire is Jack’s wife and was AJ’s girlfriend before he went to prison.

Triple H provides a pretty solid serious performance in this movie. He is good as the strong silent type. The movie also does not ignore that he is much bigger and than the other actors and in his fight sequences they keep it realistic. The movie is about 90 minutes and is a solid run time for this story.

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