Eric Young Looking Strong As Champ

Eric Young Champ

A few weeks ago Eric Young became the TNA World Champion. At that time one thing people couldn’t help but notice was that he kind of resembled WWE Champ Daniel Bryan. The set up for how he won the belt was a little suspect. It was part of our own criticism of TNA having storylines that are too similar to the WWE. After a few weeks maybe the WWE can learn something from the number 2 company.

TNA has been booking Eric Young masterfully since he has won the belt. I was worried that his title reign may fall by the waste side and have reign similar to Chris Sabin. That has not happened. Eric is looking stronger every week and not backing down from any opponent. In a matter of 3 weeks he has defeated Bobby Roode, Magnus (2 times) and Abyss. He is winning clean looking like he is here for a while.

In contrast the WWE has their bearded champion running for his life. He has been booked as a guy who is afraid and being put at a detriment due to having to protect his spouse. Eric Young has a spouse in his story line also but they keep her out of the direct line of fire. To be completely honest I have always hated that endangered girlfriend or wife angle. The WWE seems to always go to that well with Kane when it is unnecessary. Kane is intimidating enough and doesn’t need to scare women to add to his demonic persona.

I get that the WWE has put a lot of face time to Bryan’s and Brie’s wedding and their relationship. They are also trying to sell for a reality show that does not always play itself to wrestling fans. That being said on the wrestling show they need to concentrate on what happens in the ring. Impact Wrestling is doing that and still not ignoring ODB’s presence but just letting Eric Young’s wrestling and the sharks chasing his title drive the story.

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