Global Force is Making Major Waves


Ever since Jeff Jarrett announced the launch of Global Force Wrestling he has been making waves in the wrestling world. Making major moves bring Hermie Salder on board and working Dave Broome of “The Biggest Loser” we figure that Global will hit the ground running. Now another groundbreaking announcement has been made. Global Force Wrestling will partner with AAA wrestling out of Mexico with a talent exchange. AAA is the largest wrestling promotion in Mexico and has been making moves of its own with their TV deal with Mark Burnett’s El Rey network.

One good way for a wrestling company to thrive is a talent exchange with a solid organization. It allows for talent to not get stale and them to create new and interesting rivalries. Jarrett is no stranger to AAA and has worked down there over the past few years. He connects with the Mexican fans and this partnership will allow both companies some major exposure. Keep on the lookout as Global Force appears to be making some more waves in the wrestling world.

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Keith B. Holt
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