Kane is Bryan’s Next Logical Opponent

Monster Kane

Some wrestling fans are wondering why Kane is Daniel Bryan’s first opponent after winning the world title. The way things have developed in the WWE it only makes sense that Kane is the next man up for Bryan to face. Kane’s physical size and past resume never keeps him too far from main event competition. Also due to their recent tag team relationship they already have a built in personal issue. Not to mention Kane is still a member of The Authority, who terrorized Bryan for the better part of a year.

There are not a lot of heels at the top of the card for the champ to worry about. Brock Lesnar is on a limited date deal and probably won’t be back until SummerSlam. Even if he was around that match would be too soon. No way can I have Brock lose this close to breaking the streak and Bryan should not lose his first title defense. Bray Wyatt is still tangled up with John Cena and needs to stay in that program a while and learn from the veteran.

Now of course we could use Bryan’s Wrestlemania opponents but they have their hands full. The rivalry between The Shield and Evolution is taking off. The WWE has to move forward with this match. This issue should set up a one on one showdown between Roman Reigns and Triple H. If they were to sub one piece out of that match to face Bryan it just wouldn’t work. Also we have seen enough of Randy Orton versus Daniel. Batista shouldn’t take a one on one loss right after Wrestlemania. After Evolution works out its issue with the Shield they will be fine and Bryan will be waiting on a new opponent.

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