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Sacrifice 2014

This Sunday TNA will bring back their Sacrifice PPV. This year we will get to see if Showtime EY is ready to carry the company. Sacrifice traditionally has been a good event for Impact Wrestling and we here at Ring Time would like to share with you some of our favorite matches from Sacrifice past.

Sacrifice 2005: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles
If you want to talk glory days of TNA you have to showcase an AJ Styles and Samoa Joe match. This was the tournament final for the Super X Cup. Chris Daniels the X-Division Champ at the time sits in for some guest commentary. TNA at its finest in the 6 six sided ring.

Sacrifice 2006: Christian Cage vs. Abyss
Some people may have forgotten about Christian’s tenure in TNA. He was always around the main event while working in Impact Wrestling. In 2006 he took on The Monster Abyss when he was at his scariest with James Mitchell in his corner. This was a full metal mayhem match for the World Heavyweight Title.

Sacrifice 2009: Beer Money vs The British Invasion

In 2009 at Sacrifice the finals of the Team 3D Invitational were held. This was a tag team tournament where the prize was 100,000 dollars and shot at the tag team champs Team 3D. This match featured Beer Money versus The British Invasion. These were 2 of the hottest tag teams in wrestling at the time.

Before The Bell: Sacrifice 2014

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