Eric Young Wrestling’s 2nd Bearded Champ

Eric Young Champ

Eric Young has been in TNA for more than 10 years and worked really hard for the company. Last night he became the World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Magnus on Impact. Now let me get this out there first, I am happy for Eric Young on his accomplishment. That being said it does seem a little fishy that a guy who nowhere near the main event less 3 weeks ago is now the champion. Even Chris Sabin had more of a build up to his push for the belt.

The set-up for EY to win the belt seemed a little too familiar. Let’s say there is a champion that was handpicked by the company’s hierarchy and cheated his way through his matches. He takes on a bearded underdog who isn’t supposed to have a chance at winning the belt. You are probably saying, “That’s was this Sunday right” but no this was an episode of Impact.

Eric Young and Daniel Bryan

How did Young get his title shot well he won a 10 man gauntlet match earlier in the evening to become the number 1 contender. The winner was supposed to challenge the champion another night but Eric wanted to face Magnus the same night. At least it was a not Eric versus Dixie’s husband to get into the match. During the match against Magnus he even focused on Young’s injured arm. TNA was at least able to mix it up and make sure EY hurt the opposite arm than Bryan’s. None of this is to knock Eric Young but I think this is a bad situation to give him the title in.

Not the first time TNA has had a similar scenario to one in the WWE. I mean they even had their nice sweet owner out there trying to be an obnoxious dictator maybe to rival a Stephanie McMahon or Vickie Guerrero. Is it a coincidence not long after Tamina started escorting Diva’s Champ AJ Lee to the ring that Knockouts Champ Gail Kim acquired the services of Lei’D Tapa as her enforcer. Long Island Iced Z existed in the same world as Robbie E. It’s not uncommon in any business for companies to imitate the market leader. That being said in wrestling sometimes it looks kind of tacky when done at the same time or soon after.

I am sure some industry insider will say I am just a mark talking out the side of my neck especially if they work at TNA. The problem is that a lot of social media saw the same thing I did. People not familiar with the current wrestling product were able to pick this up at the beginning of the main even last night. TNA has a habit of trying to find a way to be like the WWE instead of highlighting the ways that they are different.

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