Life After The Streak

Undertaker Mania XXX

I had to give Wrestlemania almost 24 hours to digest before I gave my thoughts on last night’s big event. The conversation that has taken place since end of last night was the end of The Undertaker’s win streak at Wrestlemania. No one ever really believed that The Streak was going to end. Especially against a guy who is seen as a part timer. I like most fans was furious and felt even a little betrayed seeing Taker lose that match. Now with a little time to think about it, maybe this was what was best for business.

The Undertaker is not getting any younger and has been limited to mostly just performing at Wrestlemania. No matter what he is a Hall of Famer and the streak still stands. No one has or ever will 21 straight matches at Wrestlemania. Think about this how many wrestlers have even competed at 20 Wrestlemanias? This year’s Showcase of The Immortals was about transition and passing the torch. The streak was this big remnant of the past and maybe it was time to let go. Brock Lesnar maybe part time but this achievement adds to an already dangerous mystique that the company use as they please. Beating the man who conquered the unbeatable Undertaker can only put that performer over ten fold.

The WWE had a good night last night and for the most part they gave their fans what they asked for. A few stars were made most notably Antonio Cesaro. Also the fact all down my Facebook and Twitter time lines people are still talking about The Streak ending lets me know that the rating for RAW is going to be nuts even against a NCAA Championship basketball game. . The results of the match not only outraged fans but angered journalist, other professional wrestlers both past and present. To be able to tap into emotions of people who are so called in the know and the bitter cynical smart marks is an achievement in itself. So now the question is what did the streak ending help start?

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