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HBK Mania Entrance

At the biggest event of the year one thing the WWE Superstars always have is awesome entrances. Their walk to the ring tends to take a little longer but they are definitely entertaining. When creativity meets big budgets we get spectacular Wrestlemania moments. On this Wrestlemania Sunday we at Ring Time Pro Wrestling decided to share some of our favorites.

The Miz – Wrestlemania 27 Entrance
The Miz does not have a lot Wrestlemania moments to date but he did main event XXVII with John Cena. His video package along with his entrance was very memorable. It was nice to see somebody embrace their character and find a way to thrive off it.

The UnderTaker Wrestlemania 21
The Undertaker actually could be the top 8 or 9 Wrestlemania entrances of all time on any list. Taker is the master of pageantry at The Showcase of The Immortals. Our favorite Deadman walk to the ring actually doesn’t involve any walking. At Wrestlemania 21 somehow floated or glided to ring in one of the most impressive entrances of all time.

Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 25 Entrance
The Heartbreak Kid is Mr. Wrestlemania. His entrance at Wrestlemania 25 was perfect for his match with The Undertaker. The all-white was the ideal contrast of darkness and light. Even his descending from above while Taker rose from the ground added a lot of flair to this match.

John Cena – Wrestlemania 25 Entrance
At Wrestlemania 25 John Cena showed up huge. There were like 50 or more John Cena’s that accompanied the real one to the ring in his match against Edge and The Big Show.

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