See No Evil – Movie Review

See No Evil

Director: Gregory Dark
Writer: Dan Madigan
Stars: Glenn Jacobs (Kane), Christina Vidal, Michael J. Pagan, Samantha Noble, and Steven Vidler
Run time: 83 minutes
Rating: R

In 2006 WWE Studios decided to step into idea of a horror movie with the film See No Evil. The movie stars WWE Superstar Kane (Glenn Jacobs) as the deranged Jacob Goodnight. Buying Kane as a crazy homicidal killer is not a hard stretch considers he brands himself the “Devils Favorite Demon”. The movie is rated R so it’s definitely a move away from WWE’s current product.

The film was written by Dan Madigan who is also worked as a writer on the Smackdown brand. See No Evil for the most part is the standard horror movie and hits most of all the scary flick marks. We kick off with two police officers who investigate a creepy house and all hell breaks loose. They encounter a crying woman and while checking on her they are ambushed by a monster of a man with an ax. Only of the officers survives the crazy slashing that takes place. Officer Frank Williams (Steven Vidler) lives but he is not fully intact.

Williams changes careers and brings a group of misfit kids to an abandoned hotel that I guess they are trying to help rebuild to become some kind of home. Of course the hotel is not just some simple hotel. One thing that we learn is that horny teenagers are easy targets to kill, especially the ones that are juvenile delinquents. Not giving away too much of the movie, the monster killer is somehow at this same building and people die. There is one guy that you will root for to get killed and the black guy does die. Wrestling fans don’t expect a lot from Kane. The movie doesn’t really challenge his acting.

All in the entire movie is 83 minutes long but it seems a little longer. If you got time to kill it will pass by.

This movie is a Jobber
Iron Mike Sharpe

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