Seth Rollins Starting to Shine

Seth Rollins Break

The Shield has been a big part of WWE programming for the last year. The most underrated member of the 3 man crew has easily been Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns physical domination has put the world on notice. No one could ignore the microphone skills and presence of Dean Ambrose. As of late the WWE Universe has gotten introduced to the talent that is Rollins.

With Wrestlemania season upon us this maybe the perfect time for Rollins to making his ascension. With CM Punk leaving a hole in the WWE roster few superstars are trying to get the 20 minutes of programming that is available. Fans that are familiar with Rollins from NXT and ROH are not surprised by his emergence. I think he fits in with the current WWE fan base who loves good workers.

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Keith B. Holt
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