The Internet and Wrestling

Internet Wrestling

Professional wrestling and the internet have a very complicated relationship. Well not really the internet but the wrestling fans, media and organizations that utilize the internet. Don’t get me wrong as a website owner and a guy who has a podcast I love that internet allows me to participate in something I love. That being said I think that sometimes things go too far and I am not sure if more harm than good is done.

The number one thing that burns me up with the current state of the internet is spoilers. We have people rushing to break a story to the point that we sabotage companies trying to be the first to have the scoop. It does not let other fans the opportunity to just enjoy the shows as they happen. We all know TNA is prerecorded but we are not doing them any favors by camera shots at the live events and tweeting out results. If this would have happened during the NWO or the Attitude Era it would have ruined a lot.

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