Can We Let CM Punk Chill?

CM Punk chill

Tonight RAW was held in the hometown of none other than CM Punk. There was a lot of speculation on whether or not would the Second City Saint make his return to the company tonight. We as WWE fans have to begin to accept that Punk is not in the WWE because he does not want to be. This is not the WWE’s choice of how this is supposed to be going forward. Right now the fans will just have to adjust to life without the Straight Edged superstar.

I am not sure to all of the ins and outs of why CM Punk is not on television. What I do know is that he is not here because he does not want to be. Whatever the reasoning is I can live with that. Punk has done an incredible job giving his all to the WWE fan base and if he is done then I am proud to have watched him. If he is temporarily is gone then great, whenever he comes back I will be happy to see him. I actually don’t even want to know when he is coming back. I want to be surprised like most of the fans.

In the meantime it’s not cool to try to hijack the show with the constant CM Punk chants. I know most of the fans think that they are doing it for Punk but it’s not helping anybody. Not to mention it’s disrespectful to the talent that is in the ring busting their ass trying to entertain you. Let’s just respect whatever CM Punk is doing for right now. We don’t own him and he doesn’t owe us anything. There is a lot of wrestling out there to enjoy and now with the network you dial back and see as much as you want to.

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