House of The Rising Sun – Movie Review

House of The Rising Sun

Director: Brian A Miller
Writers: Chuck Hustmyre
Stars: Dave Bautista, Amy Smart, Dominic Purcell, Danny Trejo,Craig Fairbrass and Imani Lee

House of The Rising sun is an indie movie that stars WWE superstar Dave Batista. This is not a part of the WWE franchise and can be currently found on Amazon Instant Streaming and is free for Prime Members. The movie was filmed in Grand Rapids, MI and was released in July 2011 in the US. The movie based on a novel written by Chuck Hustmyre who also helps writes the screenplay. Batista plays Ray and ex-con who also happens to be an ex-cop that gets caught up in a robbery of an underground mafia ran casino where he happens to be working security.

Once the robbery goes down Ray is forced by his bosses at the casino to try to find out who did this. While in search of robber he also has issues with the police and the suspicion that he maybe was part of the robbery. The only other name actor in the movie is Danny Trejo who does not have a huge part despite his picture being on some of the promotional posters. Batista had to have a lot of influence on the movie because he was able to get his friend from his bouncing days Imani Lee a small role in the film. You may remember him for the “I Walk Alone” WWE bio of Batista.

The plot has some slow points and some of the conflicts are never really explained. We get vague details on why Ray went to prison. There is a relationship between him and Jenny played by Amy Smart that we never get to fully grasp. All in all it’s not the worst movie ever. Batista turns in a pretty solid performance and doesn’t deliver his lines like a wrestling promo. He portrays big strong silent guy. Some of the action scenes are not that great and Batista needs to work with some cops on how to hold a gun. Also some of the fighting and just him getting slapped around by 180 pound guys seems a little unreal.

This movie barely gets a TV Title status by the closest of margins.

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Keith B. Holt
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